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Quadruple with everything! Upgate Automatic Gates produce robust, economical, aesthetic, long lasting solutions with its unique infrastructure and continuously applied ARGE work. Please contact us for any solutions you need.

Our expert team analyzes the application you need in detail and provides the best solutions. Everything you need is in one spot!
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Upgate ® Photocell Door Systems

Why Photocell Doors?

Automatic Photocell doors are aesthetic solutions that protect the indoor environment from all weather conditions, ensure safety, control entrance and exit (extra equipments, coded passage, controlled passage) and add value to the environment.

Automatic Door Solutions

Meet Upgate ® Solutions! Contact us for the best product, application, longevity and best prices.

Photocell Door Systems Prices

Photocell Doors

It is the solutions used to protect the entrance and exit of constructions, all kinds of air environment, to control entrance and exit,. More Information

Telescopic Door Systems Prices

Telescopic Doors

They are the models used for the widest opening in the inner and outer entrances of the media. It provides aesthetic wide entrance and exit areas especially in narrow door areas. More Information

Revolving Door Systems Prices

Revolving Doors

Automatic revolving doors are the solutions that ensure prestige and pedestrian entrance safety at maximum level. It adds value to the aesthetic image of constructions. More Information

90 Degree Opening Door Systems Prices

90 Degrees Open Doors

They are systems that automate your existing input-output doors. It is integrated in applications with single wing or double wing. More Information

Hermetic Hospital Door Systems Prices

Hermetic Doors

Hygiene, entrance-exit control and security systems used in indoor environments. Sealing with hermetic closing feature. More Information

Moving Glass Guillotine Systems Prices

Moving Glass Guillotine

Applications used in cafes, restaurants and residences. Provides insulation and provides opening and closing by command control.
More Information

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