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Revolving Door

Automatic Revolving Door applications are used to relieve and control pedestrian traffic in places with high entry and exit pedestrian traffic. They are door systems that can produce more functionality according to the aesthetic appearance of the building. In order to control the pedestrian safety in automatic door systems, the door is stopped in case of handshake due to pneumatic.

Thanks to automatic revolving doors, your buildings provide aesthetically pleasing appearance and provide high insulation against heat traffics, noise, dust, energy saving and external influences. In automatic doors, there is possibility to paint according to the shape and architectural drawing / colors of the room according to the side walls metal coatings, wooden applications and RAL coloring in fixed parts. By using the radar, the automatic revolving doors are gates that move in the opposite direction of the manual revolving doors and are covered with high security level security equipment.

Technical Specifications
Upgate revolving door has international quality certificates including ISO 9001, TUV and CE, including materials used during manufacturing.
The profile system of the applications can be done with three wings or four wings.
All parts of the Automatic Revolving Doors are applied to the brush and the parts are not drawn and dust is prevented from entering.
The application moves comfortably with the bearing bearings located in the lower housing at a certain height from the floor. It does not suffer from the external factors that act in time. (Water, Dust, Dirt, etc.)
Upgate revolving doors are specially produced according to high pedestrian traffic and working frequency.
Upgate Swivel Gates can be produced in RAL color and anodically according to your request.
The system automation detects radiant or inanimate objects by using the radar detection system and activates the door and allows it to stop at the first original point when the rotational movement is finished.
The windows and side parts of the wings (curved glass) can be produced as transparent laminar glass.
Due to the aluminum plate covering on the top, it can be opened if needed and the automation mechanism can be intervened in the desired area.
Applications have mechanical locking system
Automatic Revolving Doors have a slow transition system for elderly and disabled pedestrian traffic.
For emergency situations, the emergency button can be used to stop the door instantly, and it can be turned by pushing the door wings by hand.
Electronic safety systems (4 heel sensors and 2 edge column sensors).
It can also be used manually in case of power failure.
There are halogen lighting lamps inside the door.

Automatic Rotating Door Systems

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Upgate ® is the production and brand of our company. Our products are used in many distinguished institutions, establishments and shopping malls of Turkey.

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All of our products have quality certificates and are long-lived.

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We guarantee the best price policy according to the sector price analysis and the quality of the parts used.

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We have continuous service after sales and after application.

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Upgate Photocell doors?

Automatic doors that make life easier have to be top-notch. All scenarios, from production stage to application stage and beyond, are considered by our expert team to the finest detail. Precise sensors and anti-jam sensors are used at the entrance and exit where the pedestrian traffic is crowded.

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